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Jackie Chan born in the Taurus sign

V.G.Krishnarau, Astrologer

Readers are aware that we have been examining recently horoscopes of famous personalities. But why only the horoscopes of the rich and famous, some might be tempted to ask. The answer is simple. The world is populated with billions of people. They are in all walks of life. Many of them would not have seen any significant improvement either in their living conditions, or in the spiritual sphere.

However, such people must not become depressed on this count. Also, it is precisely for this reason that we delve into the horoscopes of successful people. It is quite possible that if certain facets in your horoscope are like those in the horoscopes of the rich and famous, you too could be similarly benefitted.

You should not be frustrated by defeats and failures. Our Jyotish shastra’s singular aim is to ensure that your self-confidence is boosted and that you succeed in life. There are some sceptics who consider astrology as hocus-pocus, or as a silly piece of superstition. We are not bothered about them. All that astrology does is to point out to you, in advance, the obstacles in front of you, and the ways and means to overcome them. 

Now, let us examine the horoscope of the international star, Mr. Jackie Chan. However, before we study it in-depth, let us look into the yogams, the points of success, in his horoscope. They are:

  • Grahamalika yogam
  • Gejakesari yogam

What is Grahamalika yogam? Well, this yogam bestows on one worldwide fame and riches.

Gejakesari yogam is indicated when Jupiter and Moon come together. The recipient of this yogam would brush aside all obstacles, get rid of difficulties and live like an uncrowned king. Jackie Chan’s horoscope indicates exactly this kind of luck.

It is a well-known astrological axiom that if Saturn is present in the Tenth house in one’s horoscope, or is aspecting it, the possessor of that horoscope will be adored by millions of people around the globe. Saturn, in Jackie Chan’s horoscope, is in a highly exalted state in the Tenth house.

The Fourth house is the indicator of one’s educational career in the horoscope. Not merely education, it also shows the presence or absence of immovable property. It is also the house of one’s mother. Jackie Chan’s horoscope shows that his educational career suffered interruption, because Saturn is aspecting the Fourth house. However, the same Saturn bestowed on Mr. Chan fame and fortune, since he is in an exalted position as the Lord of Lagna.

Mercury, the native of the Ninth house, is sitting in the Second house in Mr. Chan’s horoscope. This means that the recipient prospered because of his unique communication skills. The Third house is the indicator of fame and courage in one’s horoscope. sun, is sitting in the Third house in this horoscope. The sun has bestowed on the actor enormous courage. There is no shortage of fame either.

Sun should have been the native of the Eighth house in Jackie Chan’s horoscope. But he sitting in the Third house from the Lagna. According to astrology, the Third house is a kind of secret house. But a perusal of this reveals that the placement of this planet plays a large part in his successful career. Sun has made him an instant king of all that he surveys.

Venus, is in the Fourth house in Mr. Chan’s horoscope. This placement reveals that the planet would shower benefits (yogam) as he grows in years.

Mr. Chan is also the beneficiary of poorva punya, that is, the merits of his previous births. This is evident from the fact that Jupiter and Moon are together. The combination results in the cashing in of the accumulated punya in this birth. It also ensures that no matter how strong the opposition or how troublesome the hurdles, his enemies will bite the dust.

The Seventh house from the lagna is the marriage house in the horoscope. Moon is the Lord of the Seventh house in Mr. Chan’s horoscope. His marital and family relationships will be good and smooth, since Moon is in the Fifth house. His wife too would have brought in a good deal of wealth. 

The Eleventh house is the house of profit in one’s horoscope. Since Jupiter and Moon are aspecting this house, Mr. Chan will be successful even if he ventures into politics. Ketu is in the Sixth house, while Mars and Rahu reside in the Twelfth house. This indicates that he is a staunch believer in god. He will voluntarily donate to charitable causes. He possesses the quality of mercy, which makes him forgive even his enemies. Like a saint, he will proclaim that everything is the work of the divine. In truth, as mentioned already, he is a great believer in god.

Astrology says that if all the planets are sandwiched between Rahu and Ketu, the bearer of the horoscope comes under Kalasarpa yogam. Success can be achieved only after the age of 32. The progress will be faster after marriage.

Jackie Chan was born in the Taurus. (Rishaba rasi.) Saturn moves from the Fifth house to the Sixth in December. This movement will ensure a period of great success (Rajayogam) for him. Since the Lagna Planet is in the Tenth house, he will cross many a milestone in the entertainment industry. And success is forecast not merely in the entertainment industry. Mr. Chan can expect to be very successful even if he ventures into other businesses, particularly something that deals with machinery.

So dear readers, if your horoscope contains the same successful planetary positions (yogams) as Mr. Jackie Chan’s, you too can hope to achieve success.

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