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Saturn Transit Predictions (Sani Peyarchi) 2017-2020

Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau

How will this Sani Transit be?

According to Thiruganitha panchangam, Sani, Saturn, moves from Vrischika rasi to Dhanush rasi at 7.55 pm on 26th January 2017.

We will now examine how this peyarchi, movement, affects each rasi. We will also explain in detail the kind of pariharam, redemptory ritual, that members of each rasi should undertake.

Mesha rasi/Aries: It is going to be a lucky time for you, after Sani peyarchi, on 26th January 2017. You will now be freed from the grip of Ashtama Sani, that is, Sani in the Eighth house. Henceforth, Sani will sit in the Ninth house from your rasi and shower benefits on you. The sufferings you had undergone so far will now disappear. Since Sani, who belongs to the Tenth/Eleventh house, moves to the Ninth house, your future will be very good, irrespective of whether you are in business or service. Your financial status will go up. Your parents will help you. Employees will get the support and appreciation of higher officials. Litigation, if any, will be successful. Auspicious events will take place in the family. The tiredness and exhaustion that you suffered so far will end. Hereafter, you will feel extremely confident that you will make good progress in life. Since Sani aspects the Eleventh house, you will get employment opportunities abroad. Exporters will have a very good time. Since Sani also aspects the Sixth house, your life will move forward. Debt problems will come down to an extent. At the same time, you may need to take fresh loans. Therefore, you have to be careful on the financial side. Similarly, you have to be careful while driving, riding, and travelling. In general, bhagya/lucky Sani will bestow on you position and status.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Help the handicapped to the extent possible. Worship Sri Anjaneya on Saturdays by offering sendhuram/sindoor. Also apply senthuram/sindoor on your forehead daily. Worship Sri Sani every Saturday. May Sani shower benefits on you.

Rishaba/Taurus: On 26th January 2017, Sani moves, peyarchi, to the Eighth house, in other words, it is Ashtama Sani. Do not scream, “My God, Sani has come to the Eighth house! Sani is a lucky planet for Rishaba rasi. Even though Sani comes as Ashtama Sani, he will not cause any trouble. Sani is the Dharma-Karmadhipathi for Rishaba rasi. Since he aspects the Second house, confusion and problems in the family will end. Obstacles to marriage, if any, will disappear. You will now hear the sound of wedding drums. Childless couples will have issue. Since Sani aspects the poorva-punya-sthanam, your devotion to God will increase. You will get an opportunity to go on a pilgrimage. You will manage to win a law-suit, which you were on the verge of losing. Comforts and wealth will come in search of you. Long-standing diseases and ailments will disappear and you will regain good health. New projects will be successful. You will begin new business ventures, since Sani aspects the Eighth house from the business-sthanam.  However, if you are planning to have partners, you have to be careful. The reason: Sani is two houses away from the Seventh house. Still, in general, after this Sani peyarchi, your mere touch will turn sand into gold.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Light a sesame-oil lamp in Sani’s sannidhi every Saturday. On Saturdays, wear black or blue-coloured clothes. Feed a crow with sesame-seed mixed food during Sani hora. Worship Sri Sani every Saturday. May Sani shower you with his grace.

Mithuna/Gemini: On 26th January 2017, Sani moves, peyarchi, from the Sixth to the Seventh house. Sani, who belongs to the Ninth house, moves to the Seventh house, which is good for you.  In general, when the Bhagyadhipathi, the giver of fortune, moves to the Seventh house, all your problems—no matter how big they are—will be solved. Your plans will succeed. You have good yogam, luck, in the educational field. You will go for higher studies. You will retrieve things that were either mortgaged or pawned. This is an opportune time for buying a new vehicle.  However, because Sani aspects the Janma rasi, you will have to do a lot of running about. The reason: Sani will give you added responsibilities in business and in work. Therefore, life will be hectic. Also, your mental tension will increase. Do not sign surety for anyone, under any circumstances. You will succeed in your plan to demolish your old house and build a new one. After a long time, since you have the yogam to fulfil the aspirations of your family members, you will buy things that they had desired. The married will receive benefits from their wife’s side. In general, Sapthama Sani will make you an achiever and also enable you to be courageous.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Perform archana with bilwa leaves on Monday to Lord Someswara (Shiva). Offer annadhanam to poor senior citizens. Worship Sri Sani on Saturdays. May Sani shower benefits on you.

Kataka/Cancer: On 26th January 2017, Sani moves, peyarchi, to the Sixth house from your rasi. Sani has the capacity to do what he likes. All your plans will succeed. Sani, sitting in the Sixth house, aspects the Ninth and Twelfth houses. Therefore, enemies and enmity will disappear, like the mist. Wasteful expenditure will become a thing of the past. Money-inflow will be excellent. Since Sani also aspects the Third house, Dhairya Lakshmi, the Goddess of Courage, is with you. You will be involved in a big business/industrial project. You will travel abroad and will also be benefitted by overseas contacts. Henceforth, the Sixth-house Sani will awaken those who were fast asleep. New friendships will bring you a lot of gain. Auspicious events, like marriage, will take place in your family. You might have to borrow for these auspicious events. Therefore, plan your expenditure. The unemployed will get good job opportunities. Generally, it is said that if an inauspicious Eighth house planet, like Sani, is in the Sixth house, and is weak, it confers Rajayogam, great fortune. Henceforth, your life will shine brightly.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Lord Ranganatha Swamy. Worship Sri Anjaneya with a betel-leaf garland. Offer tamarind-rice to eight people on Saturdays. Worship Sri Sani on Saturdays. May Sani shower benefits on you.

Simha/Leo: On 26th January 2017, you will be finally rid of Ardhashtama Sani. Now relax, saying “well the worst is over.” Sani has now moved to the Panchama-sthanam, the Fifth house. The Kendradhipathi is now in the Thrikona-sthanam. Problems that were tearing you apart will now become a thing of the past. Crops, which had dried-up, will now start flowering. You no longer have to imagine that you are surrounded by blind lanes and worry about the direction your life will take. You have reached the highway. Now what? Well, people who are in a position to help you will come forward to help you. Your plans will definitely bear fruit. Confusion and clashes, if any, in the family will end. Your touch will turn sand into gold. You would have had a terrible time after the last Sani peyarchi. Hereafter, you will not face such troubles any more. Now, you will be able to achieve easily whatever you had only been dreaming about. Panchama Sani will enhance your business, help you in your job, and ensure marriage. Not only will he give this and more, the Fifth-house Sani will bring good news to some of the childless. You, who were so far wondering why life was so bitter, will now experience the sweetness of life.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Donate blue-coloured clothing on Saturdays. Worship Lord Vinayaka with arugampul (Bermuda-grass) on Thursdays. On the day of your star, nakshatram, offer curd-rice to nine people. Worship Sri Sani on Saturdays. May Sani shower benefits on you.

Kanni/Virgo: On 26th January 2017, Sani moves, peyarchi, to the Fourth house from your rasi to become Ardhashtama Sani. Some people might frighten you, but do not be afraid. The Fifth-house Lord has moved to the Fourth-house. He will therefore not inflict anything bad on you. Sani aspects the Sixth and Tenth houses and Janma. Therefore you will be rid of ailments and diseases. You, who have been so far paying interest on interest, will now be able to pay back both the principle and interest. Those who have been running from pillar to post looking for a job will now secure employment. A struggling business will be revived. Business/industry will flourish. You will be so busy with your responsibilities that you will hardly have any time for rest. You will satisfy your family members by buying household necessities. Property under litigation will come to hand. Those who have been complaining about lack of money will now be happy because their pockets will be full of cash. This will happen, not because I am saying this, but because of Sri Sani’s benevolence.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Feed the crows with sesame rice on Saturdays. Wear blue or black coloured clothes on Saturdays. Light a lamp for Sri Perumal/Lord Vishnu. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sani shower benefits on you.

Tula/Libra: On 26th January 2017, when Sani makes his peyarchi, movement, from Pada-Sani, you can heave a sigh of relief, for all your sufferings will vanish. Sani now moves into the Third house. Your desires will be fulfilled, since he aspects the Panchama-sthanam, Bhagya-sthanam and the Vraya-sthanam. If you are living in a rented house, because you could not afford otherwise, rest assured you are now going to move into a house of your own. Some of you can expect a promotion at the workplace. Sani’s grace will ensure that the childless will have issue. You can expect some benefits from your maternal uncle. You will also get help from banks. However, please note that to achieve success in life, you should exercise restraint in your speech. Your parents will no longer feel dissatisfied. Relationship between husband and wife will be good. You may not, however, be able to control expenditure, since Sani aspects the Twelfth house. Those employed overseas may face difficulties. But is it possible to scale the summit without difficulty? Sani, as I said, aspects the Fifth house, which is his own domain. As a result, you who were wandering listless, lost in the jungle of uncertainty, will now find a way in life. Hereafter, it is a life of yogam, fortune.      

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Lord Ganesha and break a coconut on your janma nakshatram, birth star. Also worship Lord Vinayaka by offering a vastram, cloth. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.

Vrischikam/Scorpio: On 26th January 2017, Sani peyarchi, Sani moves away from your Janma. In other words, you have finally removed the load you have been carrying on your head. Since Sani moves to the Second house, you will get money from all sides, and your pockets will bulge with cash. Sani aspects the Suka-sthanam. Therefore, ailments and diseases will no longer trouble you. You don’t have to go to the doctor’s clinic any more. You will get an opportunity to pursue discontinued studies. The time also has come to renovate your old house. You will buy a new vehicle. Some of you might have a change of location (transfer/shifting). You have to be careful with higher officials. You will get an opportunity to go on a pilgrimage. Since Sani aspects the Twelfth house from the Ninth, your parents might suffer from minor ailments. Employees, who had so far been denied a promotion, will definitely get a promotion. Bitterness in the family will be replaced by happiness. I can hear you saying that Pada Sani is not all that good. However, please note that since Sani comes under the domination of Sukra, Venus, he will shower good things on you.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: On Saturdays, feed a crow with sesame-mixed food. Worship Lord Shiva on Pradosham Saturdays. Recite eight times the Gayatri mantra, which is appropriate for Sani. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.

Dhanush/ Sagittarius: On 26th January 2017, Sani peyarchi, Sani takes up residence in your Janma. Do not fear and scream, “Oh my God, I am already reeling under Ezharai Sani, Seven-and-a-half years Saturn, now Sani is moving into my Janma itself! Since Sani comes under the domination of Sukra, he will not able to do anything bad. Sani aspects the Keerthi-sthanam, Sapthama-sthanam and Jeevana-sthanam. As a result, this is an excellent time for your brother(s) and sister(s). You no longer have to worry about obstacles to marriage. Your marriage will take place in a grand manner. You will be successful in games and sports. You might make a small profit in the share-market. Your plans will succeed. However, you have to be careful, if you are planning to make big investments, since Sani aspects the Sixth house from the business-sthanam. It might make you hasty and restless. Your long-standing desire to replace your old vehicle will be fulfilled. You will be able get back your old loans. If you are married, you should bestow attention on your wife’s health. Your spouse might encounter some minor problems. You will get governmental benefits. Partnership business will be good. In general, though this is Janma-Sani, the winds of fortune will blow towards you.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Sri Anjaneya. On Saturdays, smear butter on Sri Hanuman. Perform milk-abishekam to Lord Vinayaka on your janma-nakshatram. Worship Sri Sani on Saturdays by lighting a sesame-oil lamp. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.

Makara/Capricorn: On 26th January 2017, Sani peyarchi, brings Ezharai Sani, Seven-and-a-half-years-Saturn, causing fear in you. However, do not fear. Yes, he is Seven-and-a-half years-Saturn, but he comes under the domination of Sukra. So even if he does not shower any benefits, he would at least give you what is required. He will not harm you. Sani aspects the Runa-Roga-sthanam, Dhana-sthanam and the Bhagya-sthanam. As a result, your debt burdens will come down. Litigation, if any, which has been dragging for a long time, will come to an end. Auspicious events will take place in the family. You will buy a new house, even if it means taking a loan for it. Your word will be respected. However, you will definitely have to take care of your health. You could have problems related to the head or stomach some times. Care is advised. Journeys will increase. You will progress well in studies. You could expect some benefit from your wife’s side. It is good to take your wife’s advice. You have to be careful while driving/riding/travelling. Patience should be your watchword. Once again I reiterate that you do not have to fear Sani’s move into the Twelfth house. This Ezharai Sani will shower on you prosperity and status.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Lord Parthasarathy on Saturdays. Install a picture of Lord Parthasarathy in your house and worship with a ghee lamp and sugar candy, kalkandu. Offer food mixed with sesame seeds to crows. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.  

Kumbha/Aquarius: On 26th January 2017, Sani peyarchi, Sani moves into the Eleventh house from your rasi. Therefore Sani peyarchi brings you Labha-Sani, that is, profitable Saturn. Hereafter, everything is yogam, fortune, for you. Whatever you touch will turn into gold. Sani aspects the Janma rasi, Panchama-sthanam and Ashtama-sthanam. As a result, you, who have so far been running about like a pauper, will now strut about like a king. Yes, because the Janmadhipathi aspects the Janma, your sufferings and losses will disappear like the mist. Your children will get married. The unmarried will get married. Employees will have less tension and workload. Some of you will get the means to start your own business. Loan problems will end. In general, all your mental confusion and worries will vanish. Distant relatives will help you. You will involve yourself increasingly in religious activities. However, you have to exercise restraint in speech and learn to be patient. Relationship with your brother(s) will be excellent. Circumstances will enable disputes regarding property to come to a happy closure through talks. You have to be careful, however, in your accounting and litigation. Labha Sani is Yoga Sani, that is, Lucky Saturn.     

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Lord Shiva, the All mighty. On Mondays, worship with bilwa leaves. Donate clothes to the poor to the extent possible. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.  

Meenam/Pisces: On 26th January 2017, Sani peyarchi, Sani moves into the Tenth house from your rasi. Your Sani is Labhadhipathi Sani, that is, Sani who bestows on you benefits. It is especially unique that the Labhadhipathi is in the Tenth house. Sani aspects the Vraya-sthanam, Suka-sthanam and Sapthama-sthanam. As a result, ailments and diseases plaguing you so far will disappear. Mental confusion will give way to happiness. You will buy a vehicle and house. Those who have been wondering, “when am I going to own a house?” will now have the yogam, fortune, of performing the grihapravesam, house-warming ceremony of your own house. Auspicious events will take place in the family in a grand manner. If your children are married, they will now have issue. Wedding bells will ring for those who have been going from to temple to temple to get married and enjoy family life. You will accumulate gold and other material. However, since Sani aspects the Vraya-sthanam, do not get into needless controversies. You should control the instinct to speak your heart out. The Tenth-house Sani is going to bestow on you a wonderful life. When you have a diamond with you, why go in search of a piece of glass? Therefore, do not spoil your peace of mind by worrying about unnecessary things. Sani who comes under the domination of Sukra make you both a bhagyasali and yogasali, that is, lucky and fortunate.

Sani peyarchi pariharam for you rasi: Worship Sri Hanuman on Saturdays. Recite songs on Sri Anjaneya. Also, worship Sri Hanuman by offering a betel-leaf garland. On Saturdays, feed a crow with sesame-seed mixed food. Worship Lord Vinayaka by lighting a lamp. Worship Sani on Saturdays. May Sri Sani shower benefits on you.


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