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Those who are able to win struggles in life? |Astrology Article

win strugglesSri Durga Devi upasakar, Astrologer, Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau. Phone Number: 98411 64648, Chennai

In astrological terms, in ones horoscope the third place in Lakna is said to be keerthi sthanam or dhairya sthanam. If subha grahas are to be seated in dhairya sthanam, then the particular horoscope person can overcome any struggle or hindrance that comes their way and they will be crowned with victory.

Also, if the lord of third house is been seated in 4, 7, 10 kendrasthana or 5, 7, 9 trikonasthana all their troubles will be sweeped out like dust.

Thereby, weakness of the lord of third house makes small problems created into big ones.

Likewise, if the lord of the third house weakens in 6, 8, 12 places, and if Laknathipathy (lord of lakna) or lord of fifth house planet are to join hands then that horoscope person will put all his problems/issues on others head and will escape easily.

In common, if the lord of third house is strengthened then the ocean level problems/issues becomes Mustard ones.


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