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Good location for the well or bore-well | Vastu a Science of Architecture

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K.Vijaya Krishnarau

K.Vijaya krishnarau

K.Vijaya krishnarau

Water is the basic necessity for the nation as well as the home. You may have a variety of dishes before you, but it could mean little, unless you had a glass of water to wash them down. You could be rich and your house filled with an assortment of imported luxuries, but you could be literally going round the town searching for water. Water is a nation’s wealth. Our rivers, lakes and ponds, and the humble well are, therefore, important to any kind of life—be it a big city, town or village, or even a forest.

Water is considered equal to god. Our ancients were conscious of this fact. So while building our temples, they always dug big ponds adjacent to them. Water is found in abundance when you dig for a well in a housing plot—at least in the outskirts of big cities.

It is advisable to act as per Vaasthu shaastra before digging a well or installing a bore-well. Such a move augurs well for our present and future well-being, says the shaastra. It is only proper that we adhere to the shaastra, outside the house as much as inside it, for both are important.

The well, which plays such an important role in our daily lives, should be located at the right place and in the right corner. Failing to do so would mean that the life-giving well could also be responsible for your downfall. There are several instances where the wrong location of the well/bore-well has been the reason for loss of self-confidence, pushing the inmates into evil ways, or instigating them to commit suicide.

Much the same way, a well-located water source can ensure us good money flow, fame, good career, good health, freedom from debts and good and influential friends. It is not necessary to consult a Vaasthu expert to decide on a good location for your well or bore-well. As any villager will tell you, it is the northeastcorner. There are still some things to be learnt regarding this, but we shall take them up after studying the Vaasthu-properties of wells located in other directions.

Southeast: if the members of the household are plagued by chronic illnesses, are chased by creditors even in their dream, face stagnation in business, their expenditure is beyond their income, are involved in accidents and hospitalised, and live in constant threat of theft and burglary, then the source of your troubles could be the well/bore-well in the southeast corner.

Southwest: if the house is racked with problems involving women, differences of opinion among family members that are the talk of the town, and sudden deaths then it could very well mean that the underground water source is in the southwest.

South-centre: you will be at the receiving end of evil forces, if the well is located here.

West-centre: you will be plagued by financial worries and lack of issue. Men will face stagnation in their careers.

Those who are planning to build a house can, therefore, take steps to prevent these ills.

The best location

Though it is conceded that the northeast is the best location for your well, the benefits will not accrue if that corner is shorter than the other corners. Similarly, you will not be benefited much if the well is dug when you are passing through a bad phase. The full benefits would ensue only when the well is dug at a time propitious for the head of the family. If it is not possible to have the well in the northeast, you could locate it at the east-centre or the north-centre. The first choice should, however, always be the northeast, second, the east-centre and the third, the north-centre.

A few experts maintain—and so do some treatises on the subject—that the west is okay for digging a well since it is the home of Varuna, the rain god, in effect the lord of water. Not such a good idea, in our view-point, since the well in the west has an alienating tendency, that is, the head of the household will not stay in a place for long, savings will be nil, income will not match the effort you put into your work and you could have heart ailments. So, from whichever angle you look, digging a well in the west does not appear to be such a good idea.

Those with ample land at their disposal should dig the well in the northeast, in the portion of the land under the influence of the moon, Chandrabhagam.1 They will discover that the resulting benefits are that much greater. It would be pertinent to point out here that though each direction has a certain portion under the moon’s influence, it is only the Chandrabhagam in the northeast that is propitious.

Till sometime past, only wells were dug to serve the water-needs of those living in apartment blocks. Today the trend is towards bore-wells. Increasingly, owners of independent plots are also opting for bore-wells. The reason is obvious: while you could dig a well only upto a certain depth, you can literally plumb the depths of the earth (perhaps reach the legendary pathala loka2) with a bore-well.

One need not split his hair trying to find out which is best, the open-well or the bore-well, or consult treatises on the subject. Both serve the same objective, namely provide us water. Maybe, well water is tastier. That apart, both, as we have mentioned earlier, serve the same purpose, without contradicting the shaastra.   

In earlier days, wells for apartment buildings would be dug in the northeast. Now, with the advent of bore-wells, this practice seems to have been abandoned. They dig almost at any place they feel convenient.

In one particular instance, a few years after they had purchased the apartments, the owners came together to dig a bore-well at a more propitious location. Not many apartment dwellers, however, exhibit this kind of unity of purpose.

If a bore-well is dug at an unfavourable location, the owners of the apartments have to put up with its evil effects till they sell the property. In turn, the new owners could face the same consequences. Now, if a builder keeps doing the same mistake in every construction that he undertakes, he will soon discover that his defiance of the shaastra ultimately destroys his own company. Some builders, however, realise the validity of Vaasthu and do not repeat the mistake in their next project. It may cost them something extra initially to abide by Vaasthu, but, in the long run, they would find it profitable.

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