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Vastu a Science of Architecture

Part – 11

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K.Vijaya Krishnarau

The kitchen

Faced with hunger, no matter how rich we are, we gobble food, wherever it is available, whether it is a five-star hotel or a pavement eatery, like a poor man suffering from hunger. Hunger does not allow us to discriminate.

When God has packed so much power even in a particle of atom, will not the shaastra endow our food, which is the giver of life, with sufficient vitality? The person who cooks should do so with good thoughts and in a spirit of happiness. Food cooked by a sleepy, sad or a crying person can cause us harm. The shaastra terms this as “Annadhosham,” meaning affliction caused by food.

Therefore, if so much value is given to the food we consume, it is needless to imagine the importance that is given to the place where it is cooked.

According to Vaasthu, the southeast, is the home of Agni, the fire god, and it is in this corner that the kitchen should be located.

All plots facing east, north and the west can have their kitchen located in the southeastern corner, the home of Agni. We are aware that it might not be possible to locate the kitchen in the southeastern corner in south-facing houses. Maybe possible in the case of independent houses, but impossible for those living in apartment blocks.

Since the main entrance in a south-facing house should be in the southeast corner, locating the kitchen here would upset the Vaasthu scheme of things. The main entrance would then have to be in an afflicted zone. Sometimes, not only in south-facing houses, but elsewhere too it might be difficult to locate the kitchen in the southeast. Is there a solution? There is, according to Vaasthu. You could locate the kitchen in the northwest, the corner governed by Vaayu, the wind god.

The question could still be asked: is there a qualitative difference in the food cooked in the southeastern corner, as against the one prepared in the northwest? The answer is, yes. You are bound to lose some of the benefits when food is cooked in the northwest, benefits that could accrue to you if it were done in the southeast, the corner where Agni, the god of fire, resides. Conversely, it must be pointed out, the benefits that come from the Vaayu (northwest) side are not available in the other direction.

The answer to this seeming riddle is that the manayadi and Vaasthu shaastras are not something that appeared in the recent past. They came into existence long, long, ago, pretty much the same time when civilization, and, with it, house construction, first began. It was devised with a view to ensure prosperity and to evoke the blessings of the Divine, soon after man began to put up planned, custom-built dwellings for his family and himself. The only difference between now and then is the fact that in the past only architects knew about this shaastra. Quite understandable, since, until recent times—or even now—very few people consulted architects.

In those days, in the houses built according to the shaastra, the kitchens were located only in the southeast. But those were the days when land was available in abundance, and you could pick and choose your plot.

It was realised by our ancients that if our food were exposed to the rays of the sun, it would be good for our bodily health. However, these rays were also divided into the good and the bad. For instance, it is advisable to jog in the morning. But what happens if one were to do so in the scorching midday sun? It is the same sun, but his rays are far more powerful at noon, and the consequences for the jogger could very well be imagined. Much the same rationale applies to our food also. Our ancients, aware of the power of the sun, had therefore suggested the southeast, when he is at his benign best. It is the same sun, but the results differ according to the direction in which the kitchen is located.

Those whose kitchen is located in the southeast will have an excellent time, as the sun filters in, in his morning aspect, mildly. If it is in the centre on the eastern side, the results will be average, while those whose kitchen is on the northeast will have a testing time.

There will be some who might locate the kitchen towards the east, as per Vaasthu, and still not meet with success. “I did as I was told, but have not got the desired results,” they might complain, and proceed to rearrange the house, as they like. It is possible, that they mighty be unwittingly doing things according to the shaastra. For some others, it might not be a great life, despite their claiming to follow the rules.

It will be observed, however, that the problem lies in the faulty interpretation of Vaasthu, not in the shaastra as such. A person well versed in computers might be doing jolly well, job-wise and income-wise. Another person, similarly qualified, but less able, may not be doing all that well. Now, is it proper for the second person to say that computer education is useless, because it is not fetching him the desired returns?

In a particular ancient treatise on building shaastra, it is said that if the kitchen is located in the Eesaana corner, the northeast, one will be on a par with the king and enjoy the resulting benefits. There are several such comments in this treatise. But these remarks need not be accepted as God’s word, since several corrections have been made in the revised editions, based on actual experience. Some might, however, argue that since the original treatise has decreed that the kitchen be located in the northeast, it should be accepted as gospel truth. In actual practice, this will only invite disastrous consequences. The ultimate blame will then fall on Vaasthu shaastra.

We shall now discuss the results accruing from locating the kitchens in different corners.

Northeast: This is the Eesaana corner. It can also be described as the abode of Ganga Devi, who flows from the top of Shiva’s head. So this is the apt place for water. Building the kitchen here will invite trouble. Water boils in fire. Similarly, the family’s finances will come under fire if the kitchen is located in the northeast. The education and progress of the boy child will suffer. Some might claim that they owe their prosperity to having the kitchen in this corner. This is a false assumption—an exception, if it is true, certainly not the rule.

East-centre: This might not be as disastrous as the one in the northeast, but still not a desirable location. Since the kitchen will be somewhere between the northeast and the southeast, the returns will not be balanced, but wayward.

Southeast: The best place for the kitchen. The stove also should be in the same direction. The tap for washing utensils should be in the northeast. Under no circumstances should the tap be in the southeast. It could lead to health problems and create difference of opinion among the family members. Fixing it in the northeast will ensure that you reap the full benefits.

South-centre: This is not a good place for the kitchen. Problems fuelled by women would abound. Litigation will not be fruitful. Frequent hospitalisation is indicated.

Southwest: If the kitchen should not be located in the northeast, it should never be located in the southwest. Incurable diseases, attacks by evil forces, debts, litigation, delay in marriage,

or unending troubles arising out of marriage, are some of the undesirable consequences that accrue from having a kitchen in this corner. The outcome, in a word, could be catastrophic. 

West-centre: Ordinary results are indicated—in fact, the same as the East-centre. Income and expenditure would be at par. Even though this may be favourable to the employed, traders will not benefit much. Friends would turn into enemies, and opportunities could be lost.

Northwest: Suffice it to say that—like the southeast—this is a very good location for the kitchen. You could meet new, influential friends, through whom business will thrive. Provided there is no Vaasthu affliction in the rest of the house, there will be steady improvement in life.

North-centre: The kitchen should not be located here. This is known as Kubera’s abode. (Some maintain that Kubera’s abode is actually in the southwest, but this is a wrong assumption. The southwest is the corner of the maiden, the chaste, unmarried girl). Financial inflow will dry up. You will not see progress in anything that you do. Businessmen will encounter many obstacles. Plenty of problems with relatives are also foreseen.

We had earlier written about the different results if the kitchen were placed in the southeast and northwest, though both are generally good. We shall now study them in detail.

Southeast (Agni’s corner): Gives the family steady progress. Those destined to progress in the educational field, will land jobs commensurate with their education. For those in business, despite ups and downs, they will never face severe losses. This is the right place for the kitchen to reap the benefits of right work at the right time.

Northwest: You might have lived in many rented houses. You could have experienced the various facets of Vaasthu accordingly. If you have finally shifted to a house with the kitchen in the northwest, you would have probably realised the difference in the quality of life. Locating the kitchen in this corner has the capacity to fulfil your desires within a specific period of time. It has been the usual norm that many tenants, who lived in houses with the kitchen in this direction, soon go on to build houses of their own. You would come to possess many luxury goods. There would be good progress in the business sphere. But even if the list of positive elements keeps growing, there is a small drawback to this location. Hospitalisation and sudden accidents are the adverse possibilities. Like the Malawian proverb: the cradle is rocked but the baby is pinched, this location showers on one a long list of benefits, with this one disadvantage. No life-threatening illnesses are, however, indicated.

So, if it is not possible to have the kitchen in the southeast, locate it in the northwest, but never in any other direction.

Now let us examine some simple remedies to counter the ill effects of a Vaasthu-afflicted kitchen.

In the event of your not being able to shift the kitchen from one side to another, small but suitable changes can be made. For instance, the stove can be placed in the southeastern direction. The kitchen tap and sink can be moved to the northeast corner.

The kitchen-counter can be in the east, south or west, but it is advisable to have the stove facing east. If the kitchen is predominantly facing north, the stove should be kept in the northwest (Vaayu or Wind) corner, but never in the northeast or north-centre.

If the kitchen is facing west, the stove should, as in the above instance, be kept in the northwest (West Vaayu). Avoid the southwest corner and west-centre.

Cooking should never be done facing south.

As compared to the other corners, the kitchen in the southwest direction is the most capable of bringing bad luck. So if there is scope to change the location, it must be done immediately. Until a permanent arrangement is made, it is advisable to cook in the direction of the West Vaayu (northwest) side or the Agni (southeast) corner.

If it is not possible to shift the kitchen to a favourable Vaasthu location for various reasons, the householder should donate food (Anna dhanam) to poor children, at least one a month, or he or she should visit a nearby Shiva or Vishnu temple and distribute sweets to devotees, to the extent possible. This would enable one to get the blessings of Goddess Anna Lakshmi, to ward off poverty and the ill effects of having a kitchen in an unfavourable direction.

In general, the housewife should store a small portion of the food before retiring for the night. It is not advisable to wash all the utensils clean or keep the kitchen and fridge bare. The kitchen plays the most important role in determining whether or not a house conforms to the principles of Vaasthu. By the grace of God the family will never be in want, if the kitchen is located properly and maintained impeccably. 

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