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The Frightening Natural disasters to the world!

natural-disastersAstrologer, Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau. Phone Number: 98411 64648, ChennaiChennai: The tamil month, Karthikai begins on 16.11.2016 and ends on 15.12.2016. In this Month of Karthikai, The Sun (Surya) enters into Vrishika rasi (Scorpio) from Thula rasi (Libra). And, The Sani (Saturn) and The Sun(Surya) are staying together in Vrichika rasi. Also, these two Grahas aspect the planet Chevvai (Mars) in Makara rasi which is not good for the world. In some countries of the world, there will be heavy rains, whirlwind (cyclone), earthquake, floods. Likewise, there can be unimaginable natural disasters happening. In India, in few places of Northern states and few places of Southern states there can be damages due to Natural disasters. In general, The Sun (Surya) and The Saturn (Sani) aspects the Mars (Chevvai) called as WAR planet which will lead to major accidents. These planets (known in Tamil as Pava Grahas) are the reason for causing enmity and distress among people. I pray to Sri durga devi to make people live with peace and save them from the natural disasters, major accidents, conflicts and make them live a happy life.

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