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Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau. 

What is black-magic? The fate accumulated during our previous birth results in resistance and enmity. The resultant sufferings in this birth are the basis of fate. Black-magic becomes the weapon that our enemies use against us because of our past actions. Black-magic effectively obstructs one’s progress in life. It also affects our health. It ruins the peace in the family. It acts as an obstacle in our efforts to make money. It ruins our peace of mind. This in a nutshell is black-magic. All the instances cited above are the direct result of black-magic.

The question now is: Does black-magic affect everybody?

It happens when the Moon is debilitated in one’s horoscope. In other words, if the Moon is weak or if he is obscured in 6-8-12 houses, we are subject to the forces of black-magic. However, there is nothing to fear, if the planet belonging to these houses is strong. Similarly, you have nothing to worry, if the Moon is under the auspicious-aspect of some other planet in 6-8-12 or is in combination with an auspicious (subha) planet in these houses.

If the Fifth house, the poorva-punya-sthanam, is weak, kann drishti, that is, the evil eye occurs, and we could also be the target of black-magic. If we study this subject deeply, it becomes clear that the actions of the past are the cause of our sufferings of the present, fate, in other words.

The actions that we do knowingly, as well as those that we might have done unknowingly, constitute fate and are the cause of our sufferings. Much like the son having to pay a debt that the father might have incurred, our actions of the past haunt us in this birth, somewhat, even if one were to lead a righteous life.

We might ask: “I have never done anything wrong to others. I have not cheated anybody either. So why am I suffering?” Also, someone might do something against you, because they do not want you to come up in life. However, if, with Sri Ambal’s grace, nivarthi, redemption is done, the black-magic against you will be re-directed to the person who did it to you in the first place. This is the truth.

A ball thrown against the wall will bounce back to the person who threw it. The same thing happens in black-magic too.

Do not worry, even if you have been the target of black-magic. You can go to a temple and pray for redemption. Or you could simply fulfil a vow. Likewise, the effect of black-magic can certainly be nullified through rituals, pariharam. Therefore, do not fear and cry, “Oh, somebody has done black-magic against me!” There is no need to worry either. There is a solution to every problem. I am saying this with the grace of Sri Durga Devi. A tree will grow, if the soil is good. You will have a prosperous life, if your thoughts and actions are good. Only our positive thoughts are responsible for our progress. Let’s think positively. Let us act positively. Only good things will happen!.

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