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Part – 9

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byK. Vijay KrishnaRau

The Bedroom

Sleep is one of the most important ingredients for a healthy life. If you sleep well, there is no need to go to a doctor. Sleep is the medicine that gives us peace. Lack of sleep throws one off balance and the mind is racked with needless worries. The most peaceful and trouble-free sleep happens only during our childhood days. Unfortunately, as we grow up in this industrialised world, we think and worry of what the morrow has in store for us even at bedtime. This continues on a daily basis like an unending mega serial, severely affecting our sleep pattern. A friend confided recently that he could sleep during the nights, only if he started popping up sleep-inducing pills in the day itself. Such people have allowed worries to hijack their minds and bodies to that extent.

Then there is the other extreme. People who cannot shrug off their sleep even in the daytime. It’s difficult to wake them up. They will not leave their bed, unless they are compelled to do so. Such prolonged sleep might be comfortable, but it is as bad as sleeplessness, according to medical science. Our shaastra describes these sleep addicts as people of a low nature (tamas). This is not said just to frighten such people.

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Ill health, it is said, is part of low nature. What is bad for the humans is bad for the gods as well, thought our ancients. Perhaps, it was the fear that if the gods slept for too long, it would not bode well for the community. So our ancients devised morning invocations to wake up the gods in temples. They have also given detailed instructions in the building shaastra on where to locate the bedroom, the direction, etc. Here we shall just bring to you the fundamental rules and the likely outcome.

Delay in marriage, diseases unknown to medical science, friction between husband and wife, no issue, insecure jobs are the outcome of the bedroom built in violation of the principles of Vaasthu.

Let us assume, for instance, that an astrologer tells you that, because of the planetary position in your horoscope, medical expenses are foreseen in the future. You will discover that, if the bedroom has been built as per Vaasthu, the impending illness will be a very minor one. Assuredly, no major sickness will afflict you.

If, on the other hand, the bedroom is built contrary to the shaastra, you will find that even a minor illness becomes a major affliction, either through wrong treatment or due to some other complication. Your ill luck could even lead you to premature death.

Traditionally, according to Vaasthu, the bedroom should be located in the southwest. This location will give you all comforts and happiness. It will bestow power, good career prospects for the employed, and, if you are in business, ensure stability.

If the kids sleep with their parents, it is essential that the bedroom be in the southwest direction. However, if the kids and parents sleep separately, it would be a mistake to let the children sleep in the bedroom in the southwest, while the elders sleep in a room in some other direction.

If the children were in the adolescent stage, their sleeping alone in the bedroom in the southwest would lead them to acquire bad habits. But if they were adult and married, they can safely sleep in the bedroom in the southwest. Also, a woman of marriageable age should not sleep alone in this bedroom. However, nothing adverse is indicated if she sleeps here with her parents or her other siblings.

In general, a house should have a bedroom in the southwest direction, irrespective of whether there are bedrooms in other directions or not.

But what does one do if the house does not have a bedroom in the southwest?

In that event, the bedroom can in be in a corner associated with wind (air), that is, the northwest or at the centre of the south or north. However, a bedroom in the northeast or southeast is weak from the Vaasthu angle.

But can’t we expect prosperity with what we have, instead of going for major alterations?

Why not? There is an inexpensive remedy for every affliction.

We will first prescribe a remedy for those who have their bedrooms in the financially weak northeast. A window may be put on the northeast, if there isn’t one already. The reason: the air and light of the northeast are necessary for financial inflow and good health.

In many homes, the cupboard, closet, cot, table, or TV stand, are placed against the wall facing the northeast. This is a huge mistake. As we have already pointed out, nothing should be placed in the northeastern corner, whether it is the bedroom or the living room. The TV, etc., should be immediately moved elsewhere.

What if there is an inbuilt closet in the northeast?

In that case, there is no compulsion to remove it and destroy in the process expensive wood. Ensure that nothing heavy is placed in the closet and by extension in the northeast. Keep something lightweight, and, if possible, leave a shelf or two empty.

 Where to place the cot ?

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Vijay Krisshnarau,

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