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Protective God of Vaasthu


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Vijay KrisshnaRau

West-facing houses

Compared to the other directions, houses, with their main entrance facing the west, provide little comfort to their occupants. It is also a general fact that these Vaasthu-flawed houses—that too with the main entrance on the southwestern side—are mostly occupied by those whose fortunes are at a low ebb, or by those with defective horoscopes.

Tenants, in search of a house, are advised to go for a west-facing building, with the entrance on the same side, only if they are unable to secure a house in the other directions. If you had a choice, and you chose a west-facing house, the results will not at all be encouraging.

Okay, you had no choice but to go for a west-facing house. So, in what direction should the main entrance preferably be? Facing west, but in the northwest direction, preferably. You will attain fame, and, if your horoscope indicates fortune, considerable wealth could be yours. Still, you will be inclined to spend a lot on wasteful pursuits. And, yet, this is the only favourable location for a west-facing house.

If the entrance were located at the centre in a west-facing house, the outcome would neither be good nor bad, though the choice is not all that great. But for heaven’s sake never ever put up the entrance at the southwest junction. This would be particularly bad for the male members in the family. Their career prospects would be greatly affected. Health-wise, it could lead to heart problems.

So, if your choice is limited to a west-facing house, select one whose main entrance is located in a favourable direction, as mentioned above. Still, if you have to put up with a badly positioned entrance, relax, all is not lost. There are mitigating factors, which we shall explain presently.

Your only recourse is to put up a picture of Lord Venkateswara. Lord Venkateswara, or Balaji, as he is called in the north, is the protective god who can remove the ill effects of a badly positioned entrance. With his blessings, we could even acquire a better house. A big picture of Him in swarna alankara (decorated in gold, and adorned in sovereigns)1, placed exactly opposite the main entrance will entitle you to His full protection. But do not hang the picture at the entrance itself. A picture of Him, say in the living room, facing the main entrance is enough to secure the Lord’s blessings.

According to certain scriptures, mischievous spirits haunt all houses during night, irrespective of whether the house is built according to Vaasthu or not. That is why even now, in certain houses, people place broomsticks and footwear near the entrance. Despite this, if unpleasant events occur at regular intervals, it could be the handiwork of these evil spirits. Sleeping with the head towards the main entrance is not auspicious. Whosoever sleeps in this position is likely to come under the spell of these spirits. Our ancients—and many still do—conducted yagnas (the fire sacrifice) on special occasions, like birthdays, precisely to ward off the effects of these spirits. These yagnas envelop our  houses in a Divine aura.

In the evenings, after the lights come on, we should not keep our footwear on the right side of the entrance, because Vishnu’s protective aura is always on the right.

The entrance should be well smeared with turmeric paste and vermilion (kumkum), and decorated with flowers. One should not stand at the entrance and indulge in gossip or small talk, shout or cry or comb one’s hair. Such acts will turn away the Divine forces and invite, in their place, demonic elements.♦


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