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Weekly Horoscope Rasi Palan | 22.04.2019 to 28.04.2019

Astrologer, Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau.Astrologer, Sri Durga Devi upasakar, V.G.Krishnarau. Phone Number: 98411 64648, Chennai

meshamMesha rasi/Aries: You will exchange your old properties to new ones. You will decorate your home. Your health will be better. There may be some small problems in your family, but it will not lead to big issues. If you have the desire to start business, you can do it now. Worship Sri Durga.

rishabamRishaba/Taurus: Your financial status will rise. There will be a good change for the politicians. Auspicious events will take place in your family. Your family and friends will support you. You will excel in your business. Try to adjust with higher ranking people and fulfill your deeds. Worship Lord Vinayagar.

mithunamMithuna/Gemini: Those who are searching for jobs will now get job opportunities. Unnecessary  expenses will reduce. Good things will happen to you by the relatives in your family. The huge vehicle Industrialist can look forward to a fantastic week. Big debts will reduce. Worship goddess Sri Kamatchi.

kadagamKataka/Cancer: This is an excellent week for people in the vehicle industry and heavy machinery business. There will be solutions available for all the problems in your family so need not worry. You will be benefited by women. The employees will get higher ranking in your job. Worship Lord Muruga.

SimamSimha/Leo: : You will receive help and support from the government. auspicious events will take place in your family. you will get money from an Unexpected source. Your good desires will be fulfilled. Health will be better. Those who are searching for marriage proposal will settle with a good one. Worship goddess Sree Meenakshi.

kanniKanni/Virgo: You will be benefited from your ancestral property. You have the Fortune to visit abroad. There will be no scarcity in money inflow. However, you need to plan before you spend your money. You will buy all your home necessities. Medical expenses will reduce. Worship Lord Shiva.

ThulamTula/Libra: You will be benefited by your friends. Those who are searching for marriage proposal will get a good one. People who are in advertising field will get good job opportunities. The ban in your higher education is removed and you can continue to study. Those who are searching for jobs have the opportunity to get an international job. Worship Lord Surya.

viruchigamVrischikam/Scorpio: Those who are in rental house have the Fortune to buy your own house. You will exchange your old vehicle for new one. if any trouble with your job, don’t worry, it will be solved smoothly. Auspicious events will take place in your family. Your siblings will support you. Worship your family deity.

thanusuDhanush/Sagittarius: This is and fabulous week for people in the medical field. the obstructed events will now take place in a better way. Your friends will fulfill your desires. Try to avoid taking efforts in changing the location for your job this week. Relatives arrival and expenses arising out of it are foreseen this week. Worship Lord Bhairava.

makaramMakara/Capricorn: Those who are not married and barred their marriage age will now have the chances to get married. Auspicious events and expenses related to them are foreseen. You will be benefited by your father’s side relatives. There will be problems arising out of your ancestral property. Be attentive while driving. Money-in-flow is foreseen. Worship goddess Sri Mahalakshmi.

kumbamKumbha/Aquarius: Your desired thoughts will take place successfully. Unnecessary expenses will reduce. You will buy gold and ornaments. You will be able to repay a small debt. Friend support will be there. You will be benefited by outstation trips. Need to think twice before lending money to someone. Worship goddess Sri Andal.

MeenamMeenam/Pisces: Your thoughts will bring you victory. The married couple were expecting a child will now be blessed with a cute baby. You have the Fortune to visit abroad or international business contacts will bring you profit. Those who are trying for bank jobs have the chances to fulfill your dream. Worship Sri Anjaneya.

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