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The Living Room/Reception;VAASTHU A SCIENCE OF ARCHITECTURE – Part 8


Part 8

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by Vijay KrisshnaRau

The living room/reception

Normally, the living room is adjacent to the main entrance. If the house is facing east, the living room should also be on the same side. If the living room is on the northeast, then the occupant is assured of good progress in business, or, in employment, a good job with excellent career prospects. It will also ensure the welfare of children.

If the living room is at the east-centre some kind of financial problems are indicated, despite a copious flow of income. But it will not hinder the development of either business or education.

Mixed fortunes are indicated, if the living room is on the southeastern side. In any case, this room, in this location, should never be at a lower level. If it is so, it could lead to health problems, lethargy and calamities caused by the so-called evil eye phenomenon. Do not, therefore, go for a living room at split-level, especially one on the lower side in the southeastern direction. If the main entrance is facing east, the living room should also face the same direction, never the south or the west.

The greater the amount of space allotted to the east and north, the better for the building’s longevity. The living room or hall provides this space amply. If the house is rented out, this space yields good results to the owner as well as the tenant.

The corner of the Gods

But if the living room is located on the wrong side, as described above, what is the Vaasthu remedy for it?

Do not, in that case, place things that might block the good effects of the northeastern side, things especially like TV, fridge, showcase.

To be precise, do not even place a broomstick in the northeast corner, for this place belongs to Goddess Mahalakshmi. The northeast is known as the Eesaana corner. Eesaana is a derivative of Eesan, which, in Tamil, refers to Lord Shiva. The northeast, as mentioned earlier, is also Lord Shiva’s domain, and footwear should not be placed in this corner, especially in the evenings, after the lights are switched on.

If the reception or the living room is in the northwest, it might yield average returns to businessmen, but it indicates great career prospects to employees. Still, a lot of wasteful expenditure could be incurred. It is, therefore, advisable for those whose main entrance is on the east or north to have their living rooms also in the same direction.

There is nothing wrong, however, if those, whose main entrance is on the west, choose to have their living rooms away from it, either to the north or the east.

Use a light shade while painting the reception/living room. This will provide a divine atmosphere to your house and give you mental peace. The room should not have pictures of animals, preferably. Apart from a picture or two of your favourite deity, do not stock the walls with too many pictures of gods or your ancestors.

It has now become a fashion to adorn the living room/reception with wallpaper. Please do not paste wallpaper here that depicts a waterfall or falls. For, though it may be pleasing to the eye, this picture has the power to severely restrict your money flow. It is capable of causing sudden economic constraints. Please do not also hang paintings that go by the name of modern art, or pictures which show women sad or weeping, or depict a deer being chased by a lion or a tiger.

Keep the lights on

At night do not keep the living room/reception in total darkness by switching off all the lights. Leave at least a dim light on. If you should have a fish-tank in the living room, do not keep it in the northeast or the southeast. Place it at the centre along the eastern, northern or southern walls. Also do not stock in the tank black fish or the fighter variety. Ensure that the water is changed regularly so that it does not emit foul smell. A foul-smelling fish-tank will be the cause of illnesses in the family, debts and terrible financial constraints. Always keep the tank neat and clean.

Place decorative plants in the northwest, southwest or southeast directions of the living room. Great care should be taken in the placement of sofa sets for this room. The selection should be in consonance with the principles of Vaasthu, whether it is the reception in an office or the living/drawing room in homes. The reason: the placement will decide whether your visitors bring goodwill or ill-will to your home/office.

Where to sit?

Never place the sofa set against the northern wall or in the northeast corner. This will reduce the circle of good and influential friends. It will hinder the flow of benefits from expected sources, and your word will not carry weight. At home, in the living room, always speak to your visitors facing the east or the north. Your word will then have value and good results will be forthcoming.

If you sit in the west, your visitors should sit either in the east or north. If you are seated in the south, your visitors should sit either in the west or the north. It’s fairly easy to put into practice, and the results, you will discover, are amazing.

Do not, however, sit in the southeast while entertaining your visitors. This could lead to debts, accidents and hospital bills. The reception light should be switched on around 5.30 or six in the evening and allowed to burn for a couple of hours, or at least for an hour between six and seven pm. This should be strictly ensured, unless there is a power failure. If this room is kept in the dark during the aforesaid hours, poverty will be the result.

Avoid black

Floors tiles or granite, jet black in colour, should not be laid in the reception room. Using that colour will only add to your woes when Saturn afflicts you.1 Instead of Lakshmi’s blessings, these tiles will bring you under asuric influence. If the reception/living room is maintained in conjunction with the principles of Vaasthu, your returns will be proportionate to your efforts.


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